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Pee o’d at the Pandemic

My name is Jan Labriola and I own Harry’s Grill with my husband, Mark Labriola. We bought Harry’s six years ago without having any experience in the business, only common sense and good work ethic. Over these years I have worked the back of house long hard hours lifting 60 lb. boxes of burger, 40 lb. boxes of pork and sweated an infinite amount of blood, sweat and tears. I have watched my husband work every single day long hours working out payrolls, schedules, advertising, marketing, specials, menus, planning remodels and securing funding to pay for it, responding to reviews, tracking our projections, dealing with never-ending trivial issues and dozens of other tasks that are necessary to a successful restaurant.


We are both hardworking people who just want to earn enough to live a regular ole life here on the Island. We are Christians… that means we love us some Jesus. We have the best staff we have ever had. A real family. I am known as Mama Jan, Mississippi Mama and Ms. Jan. Don’t mess with my staff or my husband. Which brings me to the point of my letter…

To the Idiot who recently sent us a scathing email. Please never darken our door again! You called in an order and complained to Tyler for five minutes about having to pay a $5 delivery fee. Tyler is a young man who served six years in the Army. He is currently supporting himself by going to school to be a marine service technician.

After you finished with him, you lit into Steven, one of our cooks. Steven lives with his family and works at Harry’s to help support his mom and dad. Steven used his car and gas to deliver your food. The $5 delivery fee went to him for his gas and car. You berated him for not using a mask or gloves. Then you complained that the food you ate was bad and too salty. Why would you eat food if you had even one thought that it might be contaminated? Do you realize that we are keeping Harry’s open suffering a loss to enable our servers and cooks to make tips and a small paycheck? You should be ashamed of yourself for being so hateful and mean during a pandemic! By the way, you seem to need that $5 bill more than Steven or Tyler – you should have kept it. So please do us a favor and stay away from our place! Do not pick on my employees.

Let’s take the gloves first. You do realize that gloves are just like skin. If you have on gloves to open your car door, touch the latch on the gate, or anything else it’s the same as skin. Gloves are used in our kitchen when picking up raw proteins from the fridge container to the grill to prevent cross-contamination with other foods. Our cooks and servers constantly wash their hands. We constantly use sanitizer solution to wipe down our tables, chairs, bar, doors, knobs, counters, etc. The myth that is circulating about using gloves is only to make people feel better. It is a much safer precaution to constantly wash hands and sanitize surfaces rather than wear gloves and touch everything!

Secondly, the mask. First, we all heard that only infected people should wear a mask and that it was unsafe for others and worse for uninfected people to wear a mask. Then we heard that unless it was the 3M N95 mask that they were useless. Then we heard that the masks may help and you can make them at home. Blah Blah Blah!

In the beginning, Mark and I were happy to comply. Mark spent hours and hours filling out every loan application there was the moment they were available. To date, we have not gotten one penny either personally or for our employees! The thing that really bothers me is this: Did you hear that Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse was funded $20 million on day four! Yet, my husband who is working tirelessly trying to save Harry’s has to realize that the big fish are getting the money, not small businesses!

My friend Amanda, who has adopted two kids and has a house payment, has not gotten any money to help with her two small businesses (spas) on the Island. I heard that Brian, the local small grocer on the north end, requested a measly $35,000 for his employees and the fund is dry!

I am no longer putting much stock into what I hear our government is doing for us. At Harry’s, we are using good ole God-given common sense and depending on the Lord going forward. We will separate our tables, wash our hands (like we always have anyway), wipe down our surfaces with sanitizer (like we always have) but that’s it!

If you are expecting to see us all “Hazmatted Up” you will be disappointed. We want our customers to love us like you always have and come when you feel it is safe to do that, but for those few troublemakers out there, if you are looking to go out and find all the faults you can with all the small businesses who, for no fault of their own, are simply trying to keep their employees in a paycheck and the doors open without a penny of government-promised funding, then please do not come to our place.

Yesterday, I went in to help one of my employees deal with her mortgage servicing company to get some payment assistance. As I was leaving, Rachael, one of my servers (she is also working to support herself while she studies for her degree) thanked me for staying open. That is when I realized how much it meant. My staff is so loyal and so grateful to us for just keeping the doors open so they have a shot at tips and a small paycheck. We are so grateful to them for keeping their chin up and coming to work with a great attitude! Let me thank those of you who have been so sweet and so generous with your emotional support and monetary support of our staff. Thank you to all our loyal customers! We are going to fight the best we can to keep Harry’s open and going! We love our Island, our tight-knit community, our employees and our customers.

Most Sincerely,


Jan Labriola



This election cycle has put so many conservative voters at odds with one another that I worry about our chances of turning this country around. We forget that the power of influenceSlide1 trumps the power of control every day of our lives. Is anyone out there married? I am. Who can deny all the choices you made in life because your wife disagreed with your decision? I’m telling you Trump is no fool. He may not be as principle driven as a Ted Cruz but he makes decisions with an expectation of success. So far he has counselled with Ben Carson, one of the most principled men in the race and he has made remarks accepting the possibility of building a team of the most successful conservative leaders in our country. So trust God and step back a little and believe that all the prayers of all the Saints in this great country are being answered.

And that’s this Christian American’s Opinion.

NCIS Special Agent Gibbs Doesn’t Believe In Coincidences. I Wonder What He Thinks Of President Obama?

A good friend Lainie Sloane shared this with me. Why isn’t the truth broadcast to the American people?

Asylum Watch

The TV series NCIS is one of only a few English language programs I get down here in the land of 21st Century Socialism and one of the very few that I can actually sit through. And, one thing I’ve learned from watching NCIS is that Special Agent Gibbs does not believe in coincidences. I think he would find President Obama to have zero credibility.

In the comments section of yesterday’s post on President Obama’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, commenter and good friend, 5etester, left a link to this article at the Ulsterman Report about Valerie Jarrett’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The article reminds of the many ties that Irani born Valerie Jarrett to various radicals and her penchant arranging meetings with the President for different Muslim groups operating in the US, which have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. We all know, of course, how much influence Ms…

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Greek Philosophy: The Foundation of Calvinism and the Immutability of God!

plato socrates aristotle

For my Christian friends on Facebook. Please review this short 20 page expose on how Calvin came up with his new theology and changed the Christian world view.

I owe thanks to my good friend and Theologian Bob Hill for his treatise on the error of Calvinism and the clear understanding of Grace in the life of the Christian seeker of Truth.

God Bless you Bob! See you in heaven!

Cover- Calvinism


For best viewing please download each pdf file and then rotate counterclockwise.

Greek Philosophy the Foundation of Calvanism Part 1

Greek Philosophy the Foundation of Calvanism Part 2

The Little Pine Tree Released Nationally

The Little Pine Tree

boy It’s finally here. The day we’ve all been waiting for. The Little Pine Tree is available through all major book stores like and Barnes and Noble. But if you want a signed copy delivered before Easter Sunday you must order from today.

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The Little Pine Tree Released Nationally

The Little Pine Tree Released Nationally.

God’s Tax is Flat

jbThe evil attack on Christianity and Conservative American values has found a small victory in Arizona. The evil homo lobby has influenced Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, to veto a bill, SB 1062, that would give businesses the right to refuse service to anyone because it violates their religious convictions. It didn’t even mention homosexuals. “It simply said that no business would be required to do business in a way that violated the beliefs of the owner.”  Below is an excerpt from an email I received from Gary L. Bauer in response to Jan Brewer’s veto. All in exchange for the opportunity to bring the “Superbowl” to Arizona. Follow the money! Pigskin vs Principle!

The left’s tolerance is a one-way street. Suppose, for example, that Focus on the Family is having a conference on the ways which same-sex marriage undermines the American family and asks a gay-owned photography company to help document and publicize the event.

If the gay photographers refused, does anybody think that a state agency would force them to do it? Would companies like Apple be threatening the state government if it didn’t side with Focus? Would the NFL say, “Unless you force this gay business to serve this Christian event, we may move the super bowl”? Of course not!

Let me repeat: The culture war over the meaning of marriage was never going to stop with just the re-definition of marriage. We know the left will keep pushing. Sadly, there is no shortage of politicians on the right who just want the issue to go away.

Some of those politicians signaled just how quickly they will retreat, people like Sen. McCain, Mitt Romney and, for reasons still bizarre to me, Newt Gingrich. How much more are they willing to give up?

If you are a pastor and haven’t figured this out yet, let me make it clear: Right before your eyes, significant parts of Scripture are on the verge of being declared off-limits, subjecting you to accusations of bigotry and jeopardizing the tax-exempt status of your church.

Men and women of faith must stand up and fight back. The hour is late.

Yesterday, after hearing a caller on Rush Limbaugh, I was overwhelmed with the conviction that the IRS and our present tax system is the conduit of control that is leading us to the  destruction of our Christian Nation. As Gary Bower clearly mentions, the “TAX EXEMPT STATUS” of churches are at risk. If there was no tax impact  to begin with churches could parade politicians that represent their values across their platforms without fear! Homos wouldn’t have a leg to stand on to demand the definition of marriage be changed because heterosexual marriage would receive no more tax benefits than a homo marriage. There would be no more reason for the Federal Government to intrude into the definition of marriage because no tax law would be affected by the union of a man and a woman. Also, now with Obamacare, the IRS is given the liberty to intrude into the most personal aspect of our lives due to the tax nature of the law.

I believe its time to get at “the root of all evil” in the country, THE LOVE OF MONEY. That love is at the highest levels in Washington DC and it is the  singular ROOT OF ALL EVIL in America today. Vote for candidates that understand this principle and brave enough to follow it, unlike Jan Brewer, before our demise becomes inevitable.

Sorry for such a long Blog today but this had to be said.

And that’s This Christian American’s Opinion.

Please check out my new children’s book. The Little Pine Tree, at 

To All Manmade Global Warming Believers


1. You told us the Earth was heating up without end

2. You told us you had models that were rather certain

3. You told us there would be no more snow

4. You told us that the polar ice caps would melt

5. You told us that the sea would rise

6. You told us that there would be more hurricanes & tornados

7. You told us man was at fault


You haven’t been telling us:


1. That there has been no global warming since 1996 and it has declined since 2002

2. That there has been no atmospheric warming since 1958

3. That the ocean contains 40 – 50 times the CO2 as the atmosphere

4. That the CO2 coming out of the ocean due to evaporation far exceeds any other CO2 source

5. That the polar ice caps are growing

6. That hurricanes have been less frequent

7. That number of tornadoes has gone down

8. That your models have been terribly wrong


Now you are saying:


1. It is Climate Change – as if the climate hasn’t always changed – hint it changes from yesterday’s forecast

2. That if its too cold, it is because it has been too hot


Really what you are saying is that:


1. Everything is proof of what you are saying


Which means of course:


1. Nothing is proof of what you are saying.

Very Poignant – Veterans Day vs. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – You Decide

Best observation all month

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Veteran's Day Veteran’s Day

I know this is a little late, but it is well worth re-telling. This father, and veteran, has his priorities straight and he is teaching them to his daughter, Danielle. I’m sure that she will never be a Current EVEntS but someday she may very well be an Admirable Woman. Go DAD!

You have to give Danielle Houser’s father a lot of credit for writing his daughter a note telling her school the reason why she missed school on Veteran’s Day. But more importantly, for standing up for what he knows to be an enormous slap in the face, for the military veterans, including those living but especially for the hundreds of thousands of Christian men, who have died to keep America, and her allies, free.

Text of note (below) that Danielle’s father sent to school – “Danielle Houser was absent from school yesterday 11/11/13 because of…

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EDWARD L. BERNAYSTHE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. – PROPAGANDA, EDWARD L. BERNAYS 1928

President Wilson employed Bernays to push his progressive agenda almost 100 years ago. Nothing is new under the sun. For the complete work by Bernays on  controlling  the masses through Propaganda follow this link to his paper.

It’s not advertising it’s propaganda.


Origin: 1710–20; < Neo-Latin, short for congregātiō dē propāgandā fidē congregation for propagating the faith; propāgandā, ablative singular feminine gerundive of propāgāre; see propagate.

prop·a·gan·da [prop-uh-gan-duh] Show IPA noun
1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.
3. the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

When you turn on Broadcast or Cable News or pick up the New York Times you think you are reading or hearing unbiased journalism, THINK again. When you sit down to listen to a government news conference featuring the President or some other government official thinking you’re going to hear the objective truth about what’s going on in our world, THINK again.  In today’s corrupt business/political environment tactics that have been used in America since the early 20th century are being used on you all day long. PROPAGANDA.

Think for yourself, do your own research for news. Don’t trust journalists who have a predisposition to the moral absolute of indiscriminateness and a cultural bias against Judeo Christian ethics and morality. Using propaganda they have, as a group, already gained control of those weak minded individuals that need to follow the crowd to find  justification and a counterfeit morality. Don’t buy in to their counterfeit “loving” and “tolerant” religion. It’s neither loving or tolerant.

And that’s a Christian American Opinion

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