ColorMy name is Mark Labriola. Like you I am a reasonable thinker and with moral absolutes based on traditional Christian and American principles. I have no desire to see the  United Sates constitution and Christian societal foundations “evolve” with time because 3,000 years ago the wisest and richest man alive named King Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes1:9-11  which states:

“History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. Sometimes people say, “Here is something new!” But actually it is old; nothing is ever truly new.

Since the mainstream media (MSM) like PBS, ABC, NBC (and affiliates) and CBS are all liberal / progressive government mouthpieces there will never be enough outspoken communicators like this one to defend the truth and retort the evil spin that goes on and on attempting  to capture the mind and soul of every American. A Christian American Opinion Blog is my attempt to fight the lies and fight the spiritual political battles with an opinion based in truth.

I was born in Hawaii (yes I was and have an authentic original birth certificate to prove it). In some ways regrettable my family moved me from Honolulu in 1954 to Passaic New Jersey so we could be near family. Imagine if we had bought some property and stayed for a while? WHEW!!

I grew up in an Italian home and attended St. Stephen’s Catholic School. While in Passaic I developed a passion for God, guitar,  politics, sports and food (can you guess which kind???).  We were the classic Italian household; even making barrels of our own wine every year in September. At 14 we relocated to Miami Florida where my passions expanded as a progressive liberal teenager and young adult of the 60s and 70s.

You can let your imagination run wild that’s ok. Gee, I saw the original broadway production of Hair and the Jim Morrison’s fiasco at the Dinner Key auditorium. Missed Woodstock though. Hung out with Black Panthers who met in a liberation  theology based christian church building, famous musicians and entertainers, drug dealers and other movers and shakers during the anti-war movement. I’ve lived on the street and in my car as a homeless person. I genuinely grew to understand the progressive mindset that has established its roots in todays political arena.

In 1979, after leaving atheism and spending several years on a spiritual safari, God’s grace opened my mind and I received Jesus Christ.  Then married with one child, Trinity, I began my search for God’s desire, or in other words, His will for me and my family. Miraculously I was changed overnight from a passionate, pot smoking, compromising  liberal (all things to all people)  to a God’s way is the only way conservative. The bottom line was that I became passionate about helping others see the true path to  personal peace and fulfillment as well as  eternal life.

I have 2 married children, Mark II and Trinity, I’m also a grandfather  with 5 adorable grandchildren. I currently  live with my beautiful wife Jan in southwest Florida.

My politics and Christianity are conservative or better defined as classic. My orthodoxy is anti-progressive because there is nothing new in the Liberals’ world, just a different coat of paint. I know because I’ve been there…. I was one.

You can expect a new opinion post every day. They will be political. spiritual and often humorous. While visiting  A  Christian American  Opinion Blog my  hope and desire is that  you will read, comment and share because you have found yourself:

  1. Entertained
  2. Educated
  3. Energized
  4. Emboldened

You don’t have to agree with me 100% or for that matter you don’t have to agree with me at all, I can handle it. But I hope I left you with something in exchange for the time you spent scrolling around. Thanks

So here I am  – now and then.

18 years old


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  • Denny Vanse

    a little blast from the past…Denny Vanse…have followed your sons musical career and your father taught all three of my children in middle school…does you son know highway patrolman ? I will leave my email address so you might get in touch….

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