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Hello world! Disestablishmentarians Rise!

The 2008 elections have emboldened to many un-American and un-Christian forces in our great nation. Over the past 3 years I have wrung my hands or beat the steering wheel in my car from frustration with the 4th estate. So now in 2012, having turned to Facebook and Twitter, I still find myself wanting. Wanting to communicate ¬†the truth that’s not being told and my thoughts on the conspiracy (and yes, I said conspiracy) ¬†between the main stream media (MSM) and the Federal Government of the United States of America.We need an uprising against the MSM…the government PC media must go. They are un-american anti-Christian, pro-islam pro-deviancy racist bigots hiding behind the 1st Amendment calling themselves “News”.. The conspiracy must be disestablished. The Media today is the State religion so like the Church of England and the Crown its time for us to be described as disestablishmentarians. Welcome to my Blog, hope so see you here often!


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