1. Neurotic white-guilt liberals.
  2. Pure unadulterated RACISTS voting based on skin color alone.
  3. People living in a bubble of their own creation, caring about 1-2 marginal issues, while ignoring ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE (aka the Sandra Fluke crowd).
  4. The “Fox News is Biased” crowd. Same folks who accuse you of being “brainwashed” by “right wing propaganda” (i.e. facts), all while gobbling up every word/spin that comes out of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC etc. AKA the “oblivious to irony” crowd. (often times fall under category #1 as well).
  5. The Obama-Phone crowd (aka Lazy-ass welfare leeches & guttersnipes).
  6. Highly impressionable college kids (aka the young & stupid crowd).
  7. The Blame Bush AKA Obama can do no wrong AKA Total Waste of Space AKA Threat to the human gene-pool crowd . To watch them in action is to marvel at the epitome of self-denial and stupidity. Tell them any fact about Obama that is negative and watch the denial/spin machine in action, with the end result being always the same: Bush did it!
  8.  The stereotype-autopilot crowd. We’ve all encountered them… you say “Republicans” they reply with “RACISTS, REDNECKS, HOMOPHOBIC, HATEFUL, FOX NEWS” etc. No amount of reasoning outside the scope of their engrained stereotypes is possible. AKA the miniscule-intellect crowd. (Also often times fall under category #1).

The more obvious ones…

9. Communists/Socialists.
10. Radical Muslims.
11. Radical Gays.
12. Enemies of America (although technically they don’t get to vote).
13. Illegal aliens.
14. The dead.


About Mark Labriola

I am a Christian entrepreneur writer, passionate about Jesus Christ and His Grace message. Politically straight up conservative/libertarian completely sold out to the original founding principles of America as articulated by our founding fathers. I'm a writer anxious to express my heartfelt opinions about our changing world and the spiritual/political war against our children's souls. View all posts by Mark Labriola

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