Fumigate and Disinfect the Office

There are so many admirable aspects of Mitt Romney’s persona and character that go unnoticed via the media. Aside from their deliberate attempt to smear and defame him through slander and libel, they don’t take notice that he has been the leader of a 2 huge companies for many years and has dealt with many critical issues as a leader that Obama only reads about (if he does that). But these attributes do not come across well on TV. I’ll tell you why. He’s not a celebrity.

For 16 years I worked for what may have been the most successful homebuilder in America from the 1950s through 2005. I had the opportunity on occasion to meet and talk with its CEO, CFO and President. The kind of people who make it to those levels of leadership are unique. They don’t play well on prime time TV. They have a bland personality with a global view of an organization’s functions and goals that are very different from a manager or director’s. And certainly miles away from a community organizer.

I see our new Conservative Republican team as a breath of fresh air. A demonstrative step back to sanity and the way our government was supposed to be led. The contrast between the two teams is like night and day. In January  the office of the President will get fumigated, disinfected and squeaky clean again with all that Chicago corruption and slime scrubbed away. It hasn’t been that clean for too long a time.

A new movie, 2016 is being released this week. I strongly recommend you see it. It details Barak Hussein Obama’s past, present and possible future. It shows the powers that control his convictions and policies, his corruption and how his future plans are clearly unAmerican. We’ve seen the influences  that are from this country and that they are from the most depraved sources i.e. Rev Jerimiah Wright, George Soros, Bill Ayers, and Tony Rezco.

The Office of the President of the United States of America is an honored office. The past two Democrat occupiers have not honored its halls. They represent the two  most radical expressions to come out of the debauched 1960s. Sexual promiscuity and anti-American sentiment.  So now we have a choice to repent and maybe get things going in the right direction. It’s up to us, the voter, and not only our vote but the ones we can influence from the streets of ignorance and unpolitical obscurity. We need to do it for our children and our children’s children and also for the world.

Won’t it be great to feel clean again. I feel like our country hasn’t taken a shower in 4 years. Imagine  bringing back honesty and integrity and civility and prosperity and Christianity. Wow. Time to fumigate and disinfect Washington DC. That’s this Christian American’s Opinion. Share yours.



About Mark Labriola

I am a Christian entrepreneur writer, passionate about Jesus Christ and His Grace message. Politically straight up conservative/libertarian completely sold out to the original founding principles of America as articulated by our founding fathers. I'm a writer anxious to express my heartfelt opinions about our changing world and the spiritual/political war against our children's souls. View all posts by Mark Labriola

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