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Saving my Family from Barack Obama

Today my son was kind enough to share an Obama political cartoon and asked me what I thought. So I answered his question as best I could. Just read below.

Half truths and distortions. A well done propaganda piece appealing with a cartoon to those who are easily fooled by a well produced and scripted ad. If I had never studied US or World history I think I would be fooled as well. Most people are too busy to take the time to worry about the accuracy of his statements. If I thought you were interested I guess I could go point by point and provide clarity to the claims and show the distortions.

But just think about these few facts which is counter to the ad’s overall argument.

1. The US constitution declares that personal rights and states’ rights are protected FROM the Federal Government.


Why? Because we started and won a Revolutionary war to deliver us from the Federal Government of England. We do not want a King at the federal level. Our great country and its economy and prosperity is driven and grown by the “Rich” who create jobs and got there through hard work innovation and a free enterprise economy (capitalism) not the middle class. Just tell me, how many jobs have you given anyone versus Steve Jobs? Obama is trying to create a great divide between the races and classes. Income taxes versus sales taxes are relatively new and were mostly increased due to the cost of wars.


2. The federal government is not self-sustaining…it “takes” all its money; but from only 1/2 of americans who work to build businesses, hire and pay people (the middle class). Of these business entrepreneurs 60% of all federal tax is paid by the so-called “rich” or top 5% (or most successful) of the income earners in this country. So out of all the people paying taxes who do you think really deserves to pay a little more or a little less?


This fact alone should tell you the cartoon is a big fat lie. Remember all the money you earn is YOURS per our constitution not the government’s. Remember we are a FREE people and Freedom means just that.

3. So in simple terms. Take your family. Let’s say you tell Ian and Gavin they need to pay you 10% of all the money they earn. So Ian,wanting to buy a bike and being the brilliant entrepreneur has an idea. He’s going to sell lemonade out front. So he works very hard to build a lemonade stand. He sits at it all day in the hot sun and takes in $10 the first day. Gavin on the other hand sees Ian’s success but doesn’t want to take the risk of going to all that work to build his own stand so instead goes to Ian and asks him if he could work for Ian instead. Ian thinks it’s a good idea to maybe stay open longer and bring in more money. He agrees to pay Gavin $3 a day. Of course with hiring Gavin he expects to make more than $10 and pay Gavin from the profits above that. So after a week Ian earns $10 the first day, $13 the second, $20 the 3rd and levels off at $20 the forth for a total of $63. Out of that Ian pays for the lemonade mix, and the materials used to build the stand and then pays Gavin his $12 for the week. Ian is left $41 dollars.

Now I ask you:

a. how much money would Gavin have made if Ian didn’t build the stand?

b. since  Gavin made $12 what gives you the right (OBAMA) to say that since he earned 30% less income than Ian he now does not have to pay you the 10% or $1.20 you said he was supposed too?

c. and to compensate for the loss in revenue, you make Ian pick up that $1.20 and pay $5.30 or 13% ( after deductions) and then you create a windfall profits tax of another 2%  for the money Ian made over the original $10 a day for a total tax of almost $6.00 because you see Ian’s making a lot more money than he projected rather than the $4.10 or 10% you originally said.


Final question. How enthusiastic is Ian going to be to take more risk, put in more energy to get cheated out of his hard-earned money. Where is Gavin going to work? And if Ian does chose to just not redo the lemonade stand to earn the money to buy the bike but instead goes to you for a bike (Obama phone, welfare, food stamps) guess what that does to your families economy? You might have to put Mama to work to pay for bikes and things, for those who won’t?  But of course you’ll then make more money and your darling federal government will take more of your money as well to pay for the services they give to others to get their vote so you can put them back into office, remain dependent on them and then they OWN you and you are no longer FREE…but according to the cartoon it’s all the rich guys fault. Paleeeezzzzzz!!!


So what’s your incentive to build your business bigger? Higher taxes or lower taxes as an incentive? Is your incentive the bigger you get the more they take?


If I had the resources and talent I’d make my own freaking brainless cartoon.

And that’s an American Christian Opinion




Time for a Presidential survey

This past week I made the hard decision to have my car’s very expensive leaky/broken convertible top replaced. It didn’t make me happy. But the experience I went through with the dealership (I was forced to go to) made all the difference in the world. They took a lot of the pain away.

Then a day later I received a phone call from a very polite woman asking me kindly for a few minutes to answer 5 quick questions about my experience.

The questions were about the service, fulfillment of commitments and treatment I received from those who helped me get a very difficult job done.

Have you noticed that everybody you buy from wants a survey? Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Hotels retail stores like Macy’s. They all do. And why? because they care how well they’re doing and they want to improve their service so you and others will come back.

I see our government in a similar way. There are many things we depend on our Government for and because we have no choice, in a way, we’re forced to go to them. And you know what? I think our government should provide its citizens a list of survey questions we can answer, regarding the services received, from the President on down.

Voting is still important of course, but after the person wins all the votes and has a chance to do what we hire him to do, based on his promises,  we need to be given the opportunity to answer some  survey questions on how we think his or her performance was. Then, when and if they seek reelection we go back to the surveys and see if they are even qualified to run again. I say, if they score an average of 75% of better, let them try to get our votes again. But if they average less than 75% voter satisfaction its back to the private sector.

I think the survey should go something like this.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, one being very dissatisfied and ten being extremely satisfied how would you rate the fulfillment of the campaign promises?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, one being very dissatisfied and ten being extremely satisfied how would rate their ability to work with others to get important legislation done?
  3. On a scale of 1-10, one being very dissatisfied and ten being extremely satisfied how would rate the number of times your representative conducted town hall meetings to find out the constituency’s thoughts and feelings on an important vote?
  4. On a scale of 1-10, one being very dissatisfied and ten being extremely satisfied how was the over all conduct  of your politician?
  5. On a scale of 1-10 one being very dissatisfied and 10 being extremely satisfied how consistently did your represented uphold the constitution and laws of our nation or states as they swore to in their oath of office?

That’s all. A simple 5 quick questions. I betcha GM does it, Ford does it, your insurance company does it. All those organizations that feel YOU the CUSTOMER are important do it. So why not the citizen who is at the mercy of the politician who simply enjoys politics for the fulfillment of community service it provides or those who do it just for the prestige, power and perks. Let us, the American people “customers” see if they care enough about the citizenry to risk having an opinion or “customer/citizen” satisfaction survey done on them to determine whether they are even qualified to run for office second time.

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And that’s A Christian American Opinion.


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